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Kitten is available for adoption


Deposit has been placed

Kitten is no longer available

Under Evaluation

Kitten needs time to develop to see if it is a keeper for our program.

Inquires still welcome


Kitten will be staying with us for our program

Brown, Silver, Snows (lynx and mink), Charcoals, Melanistic and smoke kittens start at $2000 - $2500 . Average $2200-$2300. Discount on sibling pairs.

Name will be added to the waitlist once deposit is received.

Please contact us for exact pricing unless stated under kitten.

We do reserve the right to hold back any kitten for evaluation.

Kittens are reserved once a $300 Non refundable deposit is received.

Deposits will be deducted from the balance.

Balance is due in full at time of pick up.

Kittens will become available once the waitlist has been contacted and has made their choice of kitten.


Names have been removed from the wait list because kitten has been chosen. Updated June 1st 2024.

Wait List--Winter/Spring 2024 planned litters

1. Stephanie- Male- melanistic 

2.Bryce- 2 kittens-1st brown, 2nd smoke or silver from the same litter..

3. Kristin-Silver female or male.

4. Lani-Male- Silver

Contact: Holly O'Hara

Call or Text 417-846-8889

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